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Hey there Sir or Madam! I'm here. You're there. I hope you like my blog however. I'm writing about my normal and unnormal life, about being gay in a very conservative German village and how to get eatable food when your mother isn't around... Check it out and ask!

Just amazing photos of amazing places! 

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Hilarious and creative headings for the fiction section of Sherman’s Books and Stationery in Portland, ME.

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River otters at the Zoological & Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan

omg the last one he pops up ahjfskghfagskjfkhdjs ahahaha

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My cousin came out to his mum by baking a cookie and writing “GAY” on it with icing and then went up to her and said “you are what you eat” then he ate the motherfucking cookie and if that’s not the best way to come out idk what is

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#WhatBiLooksLike brings bisexual visibility to Twitter

The hashtag, started by The Huffington Post on Twitter, has inspired bisexual people to submit photos of what bisexual looks like for them.

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Tyler Oakley has come a long way since he started making YouTube videos in his bedroom back in 2007. In the past few years, he’s interviewed One Direction, collaborated with Darren Criss, met the president and tons more! So basically, Tyler is taking over the world!

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Just heard him on German radio. You become a worldwide star, Troye <3

Just heard him on German radio. You become a worldwide star, Troye <3

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My Drunk Kitchen: Making people question things since 2011 x

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Just in case you guys need some cheering up


Just in case you guys need some cheering up

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my 3 year old brother regularly paints his nails (rn they’re sparkly pink) and shows them off at preschool and all of his friends are so jealous bc their mom won’t let them paint their nails because they’re boys.

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"Boys don’t know what it feels like to hate themselves and their body"


"Boys are not pressured whatsoever to conform to beauty standards"


"Only girls develop EDs or resort to starving themselves just to look good"


"Boys do not get judged or shamed for their looks or body whatsoever"


"Only girls and no boys……."


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